19th February 2018


Large storage structures are usually required for storing grains for large bulk storage over a relatively long period without incurring massive loss after harvest. This is accomplished most economically and effectively by the use of silos which are big storage structures constructed mostly of metals. Silos apart from being functionally most suitable structure for bulk storage of grains, they also have several advantages over other storage structures. If properly constructed silos are rodent and weather proof and insect pests are readily controlled.

However, the conventional silos imported to the country lack specific design for our environment. Apart from this, other problems such as inadequacy of insect control by fumigation due to non-air tightness and caking resulting from water seepage through bolted joints. These shortcomings have been adequately taken care off in the inert atmosphere silos.
Inert Atmosphere Silos are capable of storing grains for a long period of time. The Technology has proven very useful most especially in hot humid climates where moisture condensation is a big problem in conventional Metal Silos. The technology has been proven to be effective for long term storage of cowpea, maize, sorghum and wheat without the use of chemicals does eliminating the risks associated with chemical treated grains. The Inert atmosphere silo consists of a metal bin which contains the grains and a gas line through which Nitrogen gas is applied to the grains during purging. The benefits of this unique silo include:

  1. Total killing of insects of all stages of their development within a relatively short time.
  2. Elimination of the problem of natural apprehension of some people to chemically treated food.
  3. Elimination of built-up of chemical insecticide resistant strains of insects.
  4. Complete elimination of tainting and damage to seed viability
  5. Prevention of the physical problem of condensation and moisture migration as a result of temperature fluctuation.

The Inert Atmosphere Storage System can make a remarkable contribution to the National Strategic Food Reserve programme and other integrated commodity management systems for the country. This is a major boost to the attainment of food security. The institute boasts of experienced engineers for the design of this storage structure as well seasoned scientists for effective management of grain storage systems for accomplishing economical and effective long term bulk storage of grains.

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