19th February 2018


  1. Training of produce inspectors, pest control specialists, farmers and industrialists in primary processing of food and storage.
  2. Training of produce sellers, exporters of produce and food processors.
  3. Training of fabricators on construction of NSPRI developed technologies.
  4. Supervision of tertiary institution students on industrial attachment.
  5. Training of the trainers (such as state ADP extension officers) on dissemination of developed technologies to the end-users.


  1. Dissemination of food preservation information as related to our mandate areas in form of fliers, booklets, visits, demonstrations, among others.
  2. Consultancy services in the area of food preservation, pest control, produce and facility fumigation.
  3. Feasibility studies in the areas of post-harvest machines fabrication and utilization for food industries.
  4. Management and maintenance of postharvest handling facilities of agricultural produce.
  5. Development of food standards.
  6. Library and Information services.
  7. Sales of Institute’s Publications.




Laboratory Analysis

  1. Testing of new food pesticide and issuance of certificates to sell food agro-chemicals.
  2. Analysis of proximate composition of food products.
  3. Detection of food contaminants.
  4. Phytochemical analysis of agricultural produce.
  5. Microbial analysis of agricultural products.











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