16th January 2018

Some Publications in Journals/Conference Proceedings by NSPRI Scientists

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Arowora, K. A. Williams, J. O. Adetunji, C. O. Fawole, O. B. Afolayan, S. S. Olaleye, O. O. Adetunji, J. B. and Ogundele, B. A. [2013] Effects Of Aloe Vera Coatings On Quality Characteristics Of Oranges Stored Under Cold Storage.

Awagu, E, F. Adebayo, M. R. and Olayemi, F. F. [2014] Assessing The Storage Potential Of Some Vegetable Products In Some Selected Areas In Kano State. Journal Of Agricultural and Veterinary Science Vol.7 No5. pp51 -59.

Ilesanmi, F. F. Akinloye, O, A. and Ilesanmi, O. S. [2014] Comparative, Evaluation Of In Vitro Antioxidant Properties Of Cajanus Cajan Seed and Moringa Oileifera Leaf Extracts. International Journal Of Biochemistry Research Vol.4. No.2. pp163 -172.

Olayinka, S. I. Ilesanmi, F. F. and Ibidolapo, T. I. [2014] Determinants Of Fruit Consumption Among In-School Adolescents In Ibadan, South West Nigeria. European Journal Of Nutrition & Food Safety. Vol.4. No2. pp100 -109.

Nwaubani, S. I. George, P. Opit. Otitodun, G. O. and Adesida, M. A. [2014] Efficacy Of Two Nigeria-derived Diatomaceous Earhs Against Sitophilus oryzae [Coleoptera: Curculionidae] and Rhyzopertha dominica [ Coleoptera: Bostrichidae] On Wheat. Journal Of Stored Products Research Vol. 59. pp9 -16

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