16th January 2018

Some Publications in Journals/Conference Proceedings by NSPRI Scientists

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Odusola, K. B. Ilesanmi, F. F. and Akinloye, O. A. [2013] Assessment Of Nutritional Composition and Antioxidant Ability Of Pearl Millet [Pennisetum glaucum] American Journal Of Research CommunicationVol.1. No6. Pp 262 -272.

Adegbola, A. J. Awagu, F. E. Onimajesin, S. I. Ojuekaiye, E. O. and Kamaldeen, O. S. [2013] Salient Factors In The Low Utilization Of PICS Bags [triple-bagging] In Nassarawa Local Government Areas Of Kano State, Nigeria. Scientific Journal Of Pure Applied Sciences. Pp 135 -139.

Akande, S. A. Akanmu, O. A. Adindu, M. N. Dike, O. U. Oladibe, C. and Robert, S. I. [2013] Ambient-Temperature Storage Of Carrot Slices [Daucus Carotal] Dried With NSPRI Multipurpose Dryer. Book Of Extended Abstracts For The 37th Conference & Annual General Meeting NIFST. pp5 -6

Babarinsa, F. A.and Ige, M. T. [2014] Strength Parameter Of Packaged Roma Tomatoes At Peak Point Under Compressive Loading. 5th International Conference On Food Engineering and Biotechnology IPCBEE Vol.65. pp 31 -35.

Bamishaiye, E. Awagu, F. Adegbola, A. Bodunde, A. and Ishola, D. [2013] Action Research Methodology: A Potent Tool In Improving The Processing and Packaging Quality Of Local Rice and Groundnut Oil Among Some Fadama Users Group In Zamfara State, Nigeria. Asia Academic Research Journal Of Social Science & Humanities Vol.1 No10. pp 76 -89.

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