16th January 2018

Some Publications in Journals/Conference Proceedings by NSPRI Scientists

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Adegbola, A. J. Awagu, E. F. and Kashetu, R. Q. [2013] Sorghum: the Most Under-Utilized Grain Of The Semi-Arid Africa. Advance Journal Of Agricultural Research Vol. 1 No2. pp11 - 19. It gave the local recipes for some major sorghum foods. Conclusively, recommended that there should be an increased research investment in sorghum, and that more needs to be done in the propagation, utilization, marketing and improvement of the marketing potentials of the grain in all its forms.

Adetunji, C. O. Arowora, K. A. Fawole, Oluyemisi. Bolajoko. Adetunji, Juliana Bunmi and Olagbaju, A.R. [2013] Effect Of Edible Coatings Of Carboxy Methyl Cellulose and Corn Starch On Cucumber Stored At Ambient Temperature. Asian Journal Agricultural Biology. Vol.1. No3. pp133 -140.

Adetunji, C. O. Fawole, Oluyemisi. Bunmi. Arowora, K. A. Nwaubani, S. I. Oloke, J. K. Adepoju, A. O. Adetunji, J. B. and Ajani, A.O.[2013] Performance Of Edible Coatings From Carboxythylcellulose [CMC] and corn starch [CS] Incorporated With moringa oleifera Extract On Citrus Sinensis. Agrosearch Vol.13 No1. pp77 -85.

Fasoyiro, S. B. and Arowora, K. A. [2013] Chemical, Pasting and Sensory Properties Of Whole Fermented Maize [Ogi] Fortified With Pigeon Pea Flour World Academy Of Science Engineering and Technology Vol.79. pp233 -236.

Naphtali, Jarumi Dachor.[2013] Implementation Of The Rice Post-Harvest Processing and Marketing Pilot Project [RIPMAPP] In Nassarawa State: Achievements and Challenges. NADP News Letter A House Journal Of Nassarawa ADP. Lafia Vol .5 No1. pp5 -7

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