16th January 2018


Research Operation is devolved with the responsibility of conducting research for the development of technologies for the handling of agricultural produce after harvest.


Major Activities of the Department

The activities of the department fall into the following main categories:

  1. Research into development of crop storage structures.
  2. Design and construction of crop storage structures.
  3. Determination of performance characteristics of the fabricated equipment and developed systems through adequate testing and evaluation.
  4. Research into development of packaging materials for crop handling, transportation and storage.
  5. Research into development of facilities for value addition of agricultural products.
  6. Evaluation of physical parameters and environmental factors affecting storage stability of food crops.
  7. Production of developed technologies in large number.
  8. Training and demonstration of newly developed technologies for target users’ adoption.
  9. Maintenance of the developed technologies.
  10. Consultancy services to the public on management of storage structures.




Research Outreach provides advice and training of extension workers in problems associated with stored products and materials for storage structures, new insecticides, new storage equipment and techniques. The Department has units in NSPRI outstations in Ibadan, Lagos, Sapele, Port-Harcourt, Kano and Maiduguri apart from the headquarters in Ilorin.  Each unit of the Department is assigned states of coverage on outreach services so that Nigeria is covered as a nation. 

The Department is mandated to

  1. Carry out Extension Planning and Research on crop storage, pest control, primary food processing and post-harvest value addition to crops.
  2. Conduct extension field services and trainings on activities listed above.
  3. Implement effective communication and community services.
  4. Conduct Agricultural Economics and Products Marketing.
  5. Establish and operate Agricultural Research Outreach Centers.
  6. Carry out consultancy services.


The Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation has as its primary mission, the collection of data and the analysis, distribution and presentation of this information for use in planning, decision-making and policy formation in the Institute. The department has a principal responsibility for planning, monitoring and evaluation processes for the Institute. The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Department formulate plans and carry out trends assessment for the organization by drawing on relevant sources of information to analyze the overall performance of the organization and monitor progress in implementing key policies. The department takes into account diverse perspectives and impacts, allowing the management to identify and implement the most effect ways to achieve the Institute’s goals and mandates. The department create a logical systematic decision-making process that results in the best action.

Parts of the duties assigned to the department are:

  • Coordination and preparation of quarterly and annual reports
  • Coordination and assemblage of research results and make them available to research outreach department after approval
  • Development of the organizational performance system (OPAS) for determining the performance of each research staff and provide an annual score on each staff;
  • Coordination and preparation of annual work plan by each research staff for approval;
  • Give leadership to the preparation of Institute’s budget after approval by management.
  • Plan and coordinate the activities of fund generating units of the Institute.
  • Make plans for new sources of fund generation for the Institute and produce quarterly reports on profitability of such ventures.
  • Produce report on the progress of projects and relationship with the work plan.

The department has the following programmes:

  • Agricultural Economics and Marketing
  • Biometrics and Evaluation
  • Planning and Monitoring.

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