16th January 2018

The Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute shall conduct Research into the post harvest handling. Problems of agricultural commodities and Fabricate pilot scout post harvest handling equipments. NSPRI shall disseminate results of research through appropriate Extension methods to improve competence and skills of farmers, industrialists, produce handlers and inspectors. It shall also in collaboration with other agencies, develop standards for marketing of agricultural commodities. The institute shall, in particular, conduct research into:

- Improvement and maintenance of quality of perishable crops including all roots and tuber crops, fruits and vegetables and other such crops.

- Improvement and maintenance of the quality of durable crops including cereal grain, pulses, oil seeds from the farm level to commercial level including export.

- Improvement and maintenance of the quality of tree crops including cocoa, kola, palm produce, coffee, cashew and shea nut.

- Designing, fabricating and developing postharvest equipment to the pilot plant stage. Specifically conduct studies into the improvement of food storage structures, primary processing equipments and food packaging.

- Improvement in the primary processing methods of livestock products including milk, meat, fish and related products and conduct research into packaging and proper storage of dried meat, fish and related products to maintain quality.

- Provide methods to improve the skill and build capacity building in postharvest  technology through formal training of farmers,   industrialists food handlers, inspectors and extension workers in food preservation technique.

- Developing food standards to improve the quality of food commodities after harvest, which will aid in the marketing of produce in both local and export markets. Also conduct studies on the impact assessment of technologies and processes developed by the Institute.

- Provide advisory services on post harvest food handling and preservation.

- Conduct special studies on stored products pests, pesticide formulation and mycotoxin survey.

- Create a database for published research findings and human resources directory in post harvest science.

- Any other related matters as may be determined from time to time by the supervising ministries/agency.

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