16th January 2018


The Procurement Unit is under supervision of the Directorate in the Institute. The unit has responsibilities for day to day procurement of goods and services necessary for the operations of the Institute. Procurement is aimed at; achieving best value for money in terms of price and value, to ensure that procurement procedures are efficient, simple and swift, to give a level playing ground for all interested stalk holders, to establish rules and procedures that accessible, unambiguous and transparent to follow and to provide accountability and ethical standard. The Executive Director makes sure that provisions of the procurement act of 2007, and the regulations laid down by the Bureau of Public Procurement are complied with. The three levels of procurement in the Institute are; Civil works, Goods, and Services.


Public Relation Unit is under the Directorate in the Institute Headquarter, Ilorin. This unit is saddled with the responsibility of improving the favourable image already built by the Institute through the use of PR tools. The Institute has both internal and external publics. These include, FMARD, ARCN, Research Institutes, State Governments, Agricultural Institutions, CBN, Banking Institutions, Agro-Allied Companies, Farmers, State Ministries of Agriculture, Women in Agriculture, Media Houses both Print and Electronics.


  1. Promoting Institute’s image and Publicising its activities
  2. Maintaining mutual understanding between the Institute and its numerous publics
  3. Generating acceptance and support for the Institute’s policies and programmes
  4. Ensuring free flow of information in all directions within and outside the Institute so as to bridge Communication gaps
  5. Preparing and distributing news materials to accredited mass media.  


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