16th January 2018


Administration provides support to the research and extension activities of the institute through suitable personnel placement/motivation as well as maintain required infrastructures/services that produce conducive working environment/condition with a view to ensuring the realization of the mandate of the institute. The section is in charge of the Management of the human resources.

Other duties of the department include the following:

  • Staff Recruitment
  • Promotion
  • Discipline
  • Welfare
  • Interpretation of rules and regulation
  • Provide Secretaries to some of the Committees in the Institute
  • Processing of the retirement benefits
  • The head of the administration department is the Secretary to the Institute

The department has the following units:

  • Staff Establishment and Records
  • Staff Welfare
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Security and Environmental Sanitation
  • Legal and Property Unit
  • Pension Unit.
  • Maintenance Unit.


Accounts and Finance department is an established department of Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute. It is headed by a Director who is a professional and seasoned accountant. The department has five units, each of the units is headed by a professional accountant. The units are; Final accounts, Salary, Cash office, Other charges/Overhead, and Budget.
The department has the responsibility of keeping all the books of accounts and financial transactions of the Institute as laid down by Federal Government financial regulations. It coordinates the preparation of the annual estimates and budget of the Institute and compares the actual expenditure and income on continuous basis with the estimates thereby facilitating budgetary control.

The department also prepares final accounts on annual basis. The Final accounts comprises of income and expenditure account, statement of affairs, source and application of funds and statement of value added.
The Final accounts information is for the use of the Federal Government, the house of assembly Tax office, the management of the Institute and donors to the Institute.
In discharging its responsibilities, the department keeps to the provisions of the financial regulations,  statement of accounting standard and company and allied matter acts of 1990.

The department reports to the Chief Executive officer of the Institute.      









The Department has two functioning Units; these include the Library and Information Technology Units.
The Library acquires and organizes the available information items for easy accessibility. The acquisition of information materials include; print and non-print materials.

However, most of the collections are developed to meet the mandate of the Institute, which is management of Postharvest of Agricultural produce, which include the following fields of study: Microbiology, Chemistry/Biochemistry and Agricultural Economics. Other reading materials that are not strictly along the mandate of the Institute are also acquired.

The usage of the library is open to all staff and other members of the public after they have been registered.
Also, the unit organizes Institute monthly seminar and as well participates in the production of Research News, a publication of the Institute that always provides information about the research activities of the Institute.

The other unit of Information and Documentation is Information Technology Unit.
This unit excessively provides internet accessibility to staff, maintains and repairs computer systems, manages Institute website and gives computer related supports to staff. This website was also designed by the unit.








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